2017 Annual Year End Review

Happy New Year! We want to start our message this year with a huge thank you for referring your friends and family members to us. This year marks Bill’s 40th year in real estate, and our team, Bill and Tony, remained in the top two percent of all listing agents in the valley for last year. We truly appreciate and value your trust, and we will work to continue to keep your faith in our mission to serve you.

Our valley enjoyed another outstanding year of strong home value appreciation. The tech industry in Silicon Valley continues to grow, increasing an already inflated housing market on the peninsula. This has driven buyers to the Tri-Valley, attracted by our outstanding schools, safe streets and neighborhoods, and wonderful parks. An increasing number of tech companies are also seeing the benefit of bringing more jobs to where their employee base is choosing to live, creating growth in the tech job market in San Ramon and Pleasanton. Those firms which are relocating here are able to recruit outstanding local residents who cannot afford the property values in the South Bay and who have grown tired of long commutes. As tech companies continue to hire more employees to staff the new branches out here, we expect home values in the area to continue to be driven up.

Last year, values of homes rose up over seven percent, and we believe this economic trend will continue to maintain the increase in housing prices. If you are considering a move or simply want a better understanding of what current overall trends mean for the value of your home, give us a call today. We are excited to help you!


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